Cerberus is the go-to third party solution for theft deterrence and recovery on Android. With such a security-focused app, it's surprising that it didn't feature support for Android's native fingerprint sensor API before now. That's changed with version 3.4 of the app, now available in the Play Store. Users on Android 6.0 or later (with compatible hardware, of course) can use a fingerprint scan to authenticate the app.

Other changes in the update are smaller. Two changes are only applicable if you're using Cerberus on the Android N developer preview: direct book and network security configuration. The former allows the app to access encrypted storage when your phone or tablet is off and/or locked, and the latter allows Cerberus to declare its network security settings to Android and guard against cleartext traffic, among other things. Both of these are background features - users probably won't see them or particularly care about them.

On top of that, the only other thing in the changelog is the usual bug fixes and performance improvements. Cerberus is free to download, but the trial period is only seven days. Licenses for a single phone or tablet start at five Euro per year.

Cerberus anti theft
Cerberus anti theft
Developer: LSDroid
Price: Free+