We've been keeping close tabs on the new features and adjustments made with each new developer preview of Android N, but there are obviously a boatload of other changes under the hood, many of them aren't obvious to the naked eye. That's where it can help to look deeper into the source code. It took a couple of weeks for the changes to be published to AOSP, but now that they are available, we've got a changelog ready for examination.

As usual for a developer preview, this is an incomplete changelog. It's mostly limited to the projects Google is responsible for disclosing under the terms of the GPL and other similar open source licenses. In other words, there won't be any code for things like the notification shade, but you will still find changes for a number of media libraries, things like wireless implementations, and even ART (Android Runtime). The rest of the code will be published when the final release of Android N comes out later this year.

If anything great – or funny – jumps out at you, share it with us in the comments.

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