Samsung has traditionally made some minor UI tweaks to the Note devices every year, which are then adopted on the Galaxy S phones in subsequent updates. The Note 7, however, is expected to see more substantial UI changes. The so-called "Grace" interface for that phone has now leaked on video courtesy of

Anyone who has used a Galaxy S7 knows that Samsung's new TouchWiz UI has shifted to using lighter colors (no more of that green on blue affair). The Grace UI seems to take that even further with a cleaner black and white look and blue accents throughout. Folders have gotten a new look with a full screen interface and blurred background when opened. Getting rid of the app drawer is pretty trendy right now, but thankfully there's still an app drawer in this leaked software.

The notifications and settings UI are probably the most drastically modified parts of the new look. Settings are denser, and at least in this iteration, it's just a single list without separations at the top level. The notification shade has redesigned toggles at the top with a second pull-down for an expanded list. The toggles have "drop down" buttons that open their own little quick settings UIs similar to the connection lists you get now for WiFi and Bluetooth on stock Android.

Keep in mind this is a leak of unreleased software. Things could change before it's final, but something very like this should ship on the Note 7 in a few months.