It's been a long time since we last saw an update to Google Fit, but after some subtle hints during the Android Wear presentations during Google I/O, it was fairly obvious something big was in the works. An update to v1.57 just started rolling out and it may just be the start of a whole new Fit. There are huge changes to the look and at least a few changes to features.

What's New

Official Changelog:

  • More goal options and support for multiple goals. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals and goals for specific activities like "run three times a week".
  • A new look that shows all of your daily stats at once.
  • See how your weight is trending after logging a new measurement.
  • See how your activity compares against other Fit users in your area.
  • Bug fixes

Unofficial Changelog: (the stuff we found)

  • Huge visual overhaul
  • Timeline View
  • Extensible goals
  • Configurable widget
  • New watchface and look on Android Wear

Visual Overhaul

2016-06-28 04.09.312016-06-28 03.10.552016-06-28 03.11.05

Right out of the gate, this update brings huge changes to the look of Google Fit. Everything looks more colorful, images fill the first screen, and there is more data and new charts filling the screen. Basically, everything looks different – but in a way, most of it is still familiar. Almost everything is still where it was before, so this update shouldn't require much adjustment. For comparison, this is what the old and new landing screens look like.

2016-06-28 03.10.092016-06-28 03.10.15

Left: previous version. Right: new version.

My favorite part about this update is the redesign of the daily stats. They used to be hidden in the circular graph, so you had to tap or swipe to see each one. Now they are clearly shown across the top of the screen.

Timeline View

2016-06-28 03.06.082016-06-28 04.21.23

Most things in the interface remained in roughly the same place with the notable exception of your daily activities going back through history. Those have been pushed to a new "Timeline" screen. You can find it in the navigation drawer. A couple of very minor visual tweaks were made to these, but they basically look and act like they have for the last few versions.

Configurable goals

2016-06-28 03.11.232016-06-28 03.11.442016-06-28 03.14.17

Google Fit has always allowed users to set goals, but they were limited to just a couple of metrics and could only be tracked on a daily basis. Forget those days because goals can now be configured for different fitness metrics and activities, and they can be spread across multiple times per day, per week, and per month. Goals can be added from the floating action button (FAB).

2016-06-28 03.10.152016-06-28 03.14.32

When multiple goals are added, they appear on the landing page where they can be easily watched, and possibly serve as a nagging reminder if you fall behind.

New widget

2016-06-28 04.05.032016-06-28 05.06.39

Google Fit also has some more options for its widgets. The old widget (resized to 1x1 in the shot above) shows just your daily activity, but the new widget can show a graph for any of your current list of goals.

Android Wear


Much like the main app, there are quite a few visual changes on the Wear side of things, as well. To begin with, there's a brand new watchface named Google Fit Today. It's the first watchface from Fit that doesn't include the brightly colored circle-graph, instead taking the route of a traditional watchface with four complications representing each of the basic fitness metrics. It supports a configurable background color, but that's it for options.


Things also look different on the Fit app. There's a black background instead of bright white, and the layout has adopted a look with more information density. Starting an activity can be done with a floating button at the bottom of the screen, which opens the same list of options that Wear has had for some time, but they won't blind you with the white backgrounds.


We're still poking around for more changes, so there may be details added to this post shortly. There's also no official changelog from Google yet, so there may be a lot more to share.


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Version: 1.57

Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Developer: Google LLC
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