If you've been waiting to get your hands on one of Google's oh-so-special Nest thermostats, but balking at the super-high price, now's your chance to get one at a (slight) discount. The connected home gadget is on sale at major US retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Newegg. Customers can pick one up for $199.99, fifty bucks and twenty percent off of the retail price. That's still quite expensive for a thermostat, but not bad for someone hoping to dive into the connected home ecosystem.

This is the third-gen version of the Nest, which improves upon the previous model with 5Ghz Wi-Fi, a bigger, higher-resolution integrated screen, and the ability to control hot water and boiler systems. The second-gen version is still being sold, though it's a little harder to find and the street price is actually more than $200. This promotional price is good between now and July 4th according to the official Next website, which also sells the product directly.

So which one should you buy from? Amazon and Newegg offer free two-day shipping to Prime/Premier members, so it's the obvious choice for those folks, though the $200 price tag means the Nest should qualify for free economy shipping everywhere. If you can find a retailer that doesn't charge sales tax for your delivery address you'll save between ten and twenty dollars. Of course Best Buy and Home Depot are your best bets if you want it right away. Oh, and technically Best Buy is the most expensive option, since those greedy jerks added 99 cents to the price.