Live streaming is a big topic at the moment, what with Twitter (through Periscope) and Facebook introducing their own mobile solutions to the growing social market. Despite the fact YouTube is the biggest video repository on the web, it didn't have native mobile live streaming - until now.

Of course, YouTube has had live streaming for a while - Google I/O for one has been live streamed on the platform for the last few years. However, moving this platform to mobile is a pretty big leap, as it essentially means anyone will be able to live stream anything. According to YouTube's blog post, to start streaming all you'll have to do is hit a big red button in the app - I assume this will be a fairly prominent button - and you're off. Similarly, the videos will be searchable by other users, or set to private so only people with the link will be able to access the stream. The company is boasting about how due to YouTube's 'peerless infrastructure,' these live streams will be faster and more reliable than its rivals. Quite a promise to make, so we'll see how it works out when the feature has fully rolled out.

There's no word on when the feature is due to go live (hah) on either Android or iOS other than "soon," so just keep checking the YouTube app. In the meantime, watch YouTube's CEO Susan Wojciki give her keynote address at this year's VidCon.