SoundCloud is filled with music, but how do you find stuff that you like? You can search around on your own, pull up stuff other people recommend, filter by genre, or stick with what's popular. All of these methods may or may not produce content that you actually want to listen to.

To address this, SoundCloud will now recommend tracks based on your listening history. The service is calling this feature Suggested Tracks, and it's live in the app and on the web.

Screenshot_20160622-125305 Screenshot_20160622-125311

Personalized recommendations have been commonplace since Pandora inspired everyone to get into the Internet radio game. But no matter how simple things seem to users, some features can take a while to develop. At least it's finally here.

What's New:

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- With suggested tracks based on your likes and what you listen to most, you can discover fresh music, specifically for you, from our huge catalog of global stars, underground artists and everything in between.
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