Google's been getting into the virtual reality game in a big way recently, and now it's Chrome's time to join the party: François Beaufort, a Chrome developer evangelist, has posted on his Google+ about a new WebVR flag that has appeared in the latest build of Chrome Dev on Android, version 53.0.2774.4, which allows for browsing the web using a compatible VR headset, such as Google Cardboard or Daydream.

Providing you've got Chrome Dev downloaded on your device, turning the flag on is as simple as going to chrome://flags/#enable-webvr-shell and selecting 'Enable' in the dropdown. From there, certain bits of the web will be viewable in virtual reality, using a headset. A good example is found in Google's blog post on the matter, published back in March. If you want more VR content in Chrome, visit the virtual reality section of Chrome Experiments. It's a good way to kill an hour or so.

If you're one of those people who can understand the code commits that take place between the Chromium developers, you can take a look at that here. Remember this is still very early days for Chrome VR, so nothing is fully finished yet and there will be bugs and crashes. Anyhow, it's quite fun to see what's coming all the same.