Free pizza Tuesdays might have been a bust, but T-Mobile is still looking for ways to win customers with outspoken promotions. The latest one is "unleashing summer travel," so long as those travel plans include continental Europe. Anyone who subscribes to a Simple Choice plan will get free, unlimited LTE data when travelling to Europe between July 1st and August 31st. And yes, that includes the United Kingdom, whatever the outcome of today's vote might be.

Oh, except for Andorra for some reason. But since Andorra is only about 20 miles across, you can probably grab cell tower signals on either side of it anyway.

Notably, that unlimited LTE data in Europe applies even for customers whose plans aren't unlimited, meaning they could binge on data more abroad than they could at home. Outside of Europe, T-Mobile's free roaming (within the limits of your data plan) still applies. It's also worth noting that prepaid customers aren't invited to the party.

But there's another party going on at 30,000 feet. This weekend, between Friday the 24th and Sunday the 26th, everyone flying on domestic US routes with compatible planes gets an hour of free in-flight Wi-Fi courtesy of T-Mobile and Gogo. That applies even if you're not actually a T-Mobile customer. T-Mo is giving users of competing customers a taste of one of its Uncarrier benefits, which gives T-Mobile customers that free hour all the time.

One last thing: T-Mobile also announced that Belize will be added to its list of countries where customers can get free international roaming and calling starting on July 1st. Nice.