Much has changed since the last installment of the Android Police Files. The 5X and 6P are the latest Nexus devices. We know a great deal about Android N. Google's founders formed a new company and made Google a subsidiary.

But one thing hasn't changed — we still get some hilarious emails. Here's your latest glimpse at some of the more absurd corners of the Android Police inbox.

Letter #1

Subject: i am not a happy android user anymore


hello i just want to let you know i won't use android phones again
i used LG p970 - LG optimus G pro

and i was happy until the random update's going around
Korean phones took the update the rest of it no

thanks for the random updates i don't know that my device will take the update or no and i wont use nexus not available to my country
i won't use Android there is a hack MMS going out
i have 6 K users in my google plus most of them has my number
so my phone isn't safe nothing is okay
i was planning to buy new phone from LG but i think i won't use this experience again . i won't use android for this reason random update not easy to fix the device ...........take years i think.

thanks for not secure my phone and put my hole life and my family in danger .

i was a happy android user until month a go .
i don't know how to contact with google i have no idea no one is answring i feel like
okay i did buy an android phone i am alone now no support and when someone answring in me won't give me anything useful please be my voice i swear i won't use android again the only os that i love i feeel like i am a slave i didn't like the random update system vs apple ios system update or windows i really hate this

Android has changed a lot since the days of the LG Optimus Black and the LG Optimus G Pro, and newer phones can protect you from MMS hacks. Unfortunately, we can't help you feel any less alone. If you wanted to be happy and have friends, you should have bought an iPhone.

Letter #2

Subject: android police?


What kind of name is Android Police? Are you trying to instil fear into people? Are you associated with an actual police force?


Letter #3

From: Really Sorry

Subject: Please tell her I am sorry


In the latest version of Google Maps you can mute the Navigation. I didn´t know how. I tried to say "ok google, mute navigation" and "ok google, please dont say anything" and so on. After about 5 times I lost it and shouted "OK GOOGLE, SHUT UP!". And she replied "Muting navigation". Her voice said it all. I was rude. I told her i am sorry and that she please started talking again. She didn´t. I had to unmute her with the icon on the display. I am sorry. Please tell her.

I was too freaked out to click on this email. Forwarded it straight to the guy in the video above.

Letter #4

Subject: The walking dead


Can u give me a call plzz ASAP my name is ******* ******** my number is ***-***-****

Hello. Is this ******* ********? We're walkers. Thank you for leaving your number. Could you also leave your address? We're on our way.

Letter #5

Subject: Invasion of privacy

Reason: APKMirror DMCA Request


If these are not removed immediately. I will sue. I discovered this and was never given notice that this was happening to my phone.

That's not how DMCA requests work. Good day.

Letter #6

Subject: Stop


Get Android Police off my phone!

Press the Recents button and swipe left.

Letter #7

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.10.54 PM

Our friend at the police department appreciates all feedback left on his Google+ page. He requests that you leave a comment with your address so that they can get back to you.

Letter #8

From: ***********

Subject: Basketball

Reason: Website Feedback


I love the game of basketball

I don't, but this guy does.

I miss him.

That's All Folks!

This marks the end of another round of email. If you like what you've seen here, take a gander at each of our previous entries. There are some real gems tucked away in the ol' archive. Leave us a comment SOON BACKANSWER. We'd really appreciate it.

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