For Xperia fans in the US, getting the phones is not as straightforward as it is for other major brands like Samsung or HTC because you won't be buying them through a carrier. That means interested buyers need to look to electronics retailers. Well, the search is almost over for the newly-released Xperia X series in the US.

It's worth making clear that you can't take these home just yet. Some retailers will allow you to put in a pre-order, others just have placeholder, out of stock listings. Below is the release day pricing along with links to each retailer's listing.

Note that additional colors are available beyond the ones I have linked to.

Prices are consistent across the stores, so you can make your choice based on whether you like their shipping options, extras, rewards, etc. All except (possibly) Amazon come with the added freebie of a 64GB Sandisk microSDXC UHS-1 memory card when you buy an XA variant and a 128GB version when you buy an X variant.

Amazon will ship the XA on July 17th and XA Ultra on July 24th, dates which apply to the other retailers as well. Amazon also lists June 26th as a shipping date for the X, which is again consistent with the others. The X Performance listings on Amazon are displayed as if ready to ship now, but Amazon is not the seller so the prices and shipping options vary. Best Buy, whose shipping dates otherwise comport with Amazon's, has the X Performance shipping on July 17th.

Newegg has the X available for pre-order, out-of-stock listings for the XA variants, and no listing for the X Performance.

Beyond the phones themselves, those SD cards—particularly the 128GB one—are a real added value. If you want some more help deciding whether you want an Xperia X, you should check out our review of it.