The latest Snapseed update brings a couple of things that the development team says have been oft-requested by users. For those tweaking RAW images, you get two new handy ways to get the white balance. For all image types, an additional color filter has been added to the existing choices in the black and white editor.

You already could adjust the color temperature for RAW images with Snapseed, but this isn't a foolproof method since it requires you to be able to eyeball the photo to figure out when you have correctly set the temperature. This update lets you do what the pros do, which is use a color picker to tell Snapseed what to use as a reference for a neutral color. As another option, there are 8 new presets like sunlight, incandescent, etc. much like your camera may have.

This wouldn't come as a surprise if you caught our APK teardown of version 2.5. Cody saw the development groundwork for both the presets and the neutral color picker in the previous version of Snapseed, though they weren't usable until now.

The other new feature adds to your options when making a photo black and white. You can pick a color to filter, making that particular color appear whiter and the color opposite of it on the color wheel darker in the output. The new color choice is blue, thus making blue tones lighter and yellow tones darker. In the hero image above, you can see Snapseed's sample image of the various filters applied to the same photo.

Here are the other entries on the changelog:

  • Added Talkback capability for Healing tool on Android - with Talkback enabled, the Healing tool will announce where the patch is being applied
  • Fixed a crash on iOS when flipping images under specific conditions
  • Minor bug fixes

The update is rolling out now via the Play Store.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free