The good folks at Evernote have done something they don't normally do: They made a feature once exclusive to paid users free to all. Now, no matter how much money you've forked over to the company, you can set a passcode for the app to keep unwanted eyes off of your notes.

If you aren't an avid user, you might be surprised that the ability to protect the app with a passcode had been a paid feature. Well, Evernote probably realized that it isn't the kind of feature to hide behind a subscription. Instead, it's a selling point to bring over new users who may want to feel a little more assurance about whether their private notes are going to be accessed by a rogue acquaintance.

This change does not seem to be associated with an update, since the latest version was pushed to the Play Store 5 days ago. Free users can use passcodes on that version of the Evernote app as of today.