If I were to walk up to you on the street and ask, "Excuse me, Android Police reader... What if a drone-based service existed to facilitate video download for poor internet connection (see image below for an overview of how it could work). Would you be interested," you might respond in one of several ways.

  • "David, you forgot the question mark."
  • "David, what image below? Below what? The ground?"
  • "David, what drugs have you consumed recently? May I have some?"

And I would grant you that all of the above responses would be quite reasonable given the inquiry I have just posed you, hapless person on the street. You might also ask - weirdly, I might add - "Why in the hell would I want a drone to come give me Wi-Fi?" And this question, I propose, would be the strangest response of all. Assuming you were wondering this, however, you'd be confused, saddened, or perhaps even flabbergasted to know that someone or something is currently probing Google Opinion Rewards users about just such a service.

Now, Google does on occasion ask "test" questions of Opinion Rewards users just to make sure they're human or to ostensibly test aspects of the app, and this may well be a gag question. But let's get down to the real, important issues here: Wi-Fi drones for downloading movies. Why? Or better yet: why not? A situation in which you might need such a thing is only moderately farfetched.

Scene: New York City, on a highly AT&T-congested street

You: Hey David have you seen The Wolf Of Wall Street? Leonardo DiCaprio's performance is absolutely stellar!

Me: No, random Android Police reader, I have not.

You: Perhaps you should acquire and consume this film!

Me: Quite! I am often in the habit of downloading exceptionally large files while in highly congested major metropolitan areas.

<attempts to download film>

Me: Drat! My connection is simply subpar for such substantially-sized Scorsese cinema.

You: David, perhaps you should order an on-demand Wi-Fi drone?

Me: Brilliant, random Android Police reader. I shall request a Wi-Fi drone post-haste.

<downloading commences, everyone cheers>

I'll admit that this is a slightly slow Monday for news.