Looking for a handheld action camera on the cheap? You'll struggle to do better than this HTC Re on eBay, just $69 and brand-new in the packaging. The Re may not support ultra-high resolution or exceptional bitrates, but it has a reasonably well-rated Android app, an exceptionally wide-angle lens, is waterproof, and a shape that makes it easy to just hold and capture. It also has a standard mounting thread on the bottom if you want to set it up for more passive capturing of your action.


Now, fair warning: this isn't the lowest price we've ever seen the Re - HTC held a $50 fire sale last October. But while the Re is often-discounted, it's never approached that $50 unicorn level since, and $69.95 is still a hell of a deal for such a capable little camera. Head over to eBay to pick one up.