The internet has changed the way we live our lives by delivering the entirety of human information to your hands. However, that includes medical diagnosis. As we all know, if you search for symptoms on the internet, you will invariably come out of it thinking you have cancer. Now, Google can deliver the bad (and not accurate) news to you as well. Google search will get built-in symptom search in the next few days.

Google says that about 1% of searches are related to health symptoms. Rather than let WebMD tell all those people it's cancer, Google has created new knowledge graph cards with the aid of doctors from Harvard and the Mayo Clinic. Based on the symptoms you input, you'll get cards with potential conditions along with treatments. It's probably cancer, though. That or the bubonic plague. This will be more detailed than those health condition cards added last year.

Google's symptom search is, of course, for informational purposes only. They have to say that. This feature will roll out to all devices in the US over the coming days. It will come to other countries later.