Google Allo is scheduled for a summer release, and recent changes to the app's iconography on the Play Store have brought back discussions on just what purpose the app really serves. With Hangouts probably being one of the most oft-derided Google products in existence, a replacement - even though Allo isn't technically replacing Hangouts - might be welcome. Or it might not: many Hangouts users would rather Google revamp that platform with Allo-like features instead of just releasing yet another chat app. How Allo and Hangouts will coexist remains unclear at this point - will Hangouts languish as Allo becomes Google's favored chat platform? Or will Hangouts existing user base stay put and generally refuse to hop on board with another chat platform?

So, that brings us to this weekend's poll - Google Allo: do you think it should replace Hangouts entirely? (Assuming it's available in your country, of course.) Why? Why not? Discuss in the comments below.

Do you think Google Allo should replace Hangouts?

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