And here's reason number 249 not to install beta software onto a device that's critical to your everyday life. Android Auto users who have upgraded their Nexus phones to the latest version of the Android N Developer Preview are reporting that Google Maps navigation is no longer working in the car interface. (Remember, Android Auto isn't an independent system - it needs a powered-up and connected phone in order to work.) The Maps app is simply crashing on launch and returning users to the Auto home screen.

Users are already reporting the bug over on the AOSP issue tracker, and Google has marked it as "critical," so odds are quite good that the problem will be fixed before Android N hits release (or possibly even sooner). This is the sort of thing one can expect in Developer Previews, though oddly it hasn't been an issue until the fourth N beta builds. Since dedicated Android fans are probably over-represented among early adopters of Android Auto, it's also pretty natural that Google would get an immediate and vocal response.

The problem is affecting the Nexus 6, 6P, and 5X at least, and would probably present the same on a tablet if anyone actually cared to try and use one with Android Auto. At the moment there's no easy work-around. Users will need to flash an older version of Android to their phones, or simply use it as an independent navigation device.

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