Chargers and cords are not really sexy tech. I imagine they aren't your favorite things to read about – they certainly aren't my favorite accessories to write about. They are, however, very important because they give daily life to the gadgets we love.

Phones, tablets, smart watches, and Bluetooth speakers; they all need to be juiced daily. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one charger that could charge them all simultaneously – regardless of whether they charge via Micro USB, QC 3.0, or Nexus quick charge?

Well, you just aren't going to believe this, but there is a new charger from Aukey that satisfies all those demands. Let me introduce you to the AUKEY USB Type-C & Quick Charge 3.0 6-Port USB Charging Station. That name is ridiculously long, and I get tired of calling things 'the device', so for the rest of the article I'm just going to call it Zappy.

Zappy is a six port charging station featuring 4 2.4A USB ports with intelligent power delivery and 2 USB Type-C ports (that's one more than the last one they sent me to check out). The Type-C ports are compatible with both QC 2.0 and 3.0 devices and can also deliver the 5V x 3A needed to rapidly charge Nexus phones. Zappy don't mess around.

AUKEY sent me one to check out a couple of days ago. After using it the last two nights I have no complaints. Being able to use the same charger to refuel my watch, tablet, headphones, and speaker while also rapid charging my Nexus 6P is quite enjoyable. For many of you readers, Zappy might be the only charger you need to buy for the next couple of years.

Build quality is right in line with what I've seen from other AUKEY chargers. It's not going to win any awards for its design – you can't get much more basic than a black plastic box with ports on one end – but it looks just fine. The only notable design feature is a green LED light that lets you know Zappy is plugged in.

Zappy comes with one 3.3ft USB Type-C to Type-C cable and a 24 month warranty. There aren't many reviews on Amazon yet, but the ones that are there are positive and it's worked just fine for me so far. Zappy normally sells for $50, but you can take $10 off with coupon code XTWOKDWP. $40 is still a bit on the expensive side for a charger, but there aren't many out there that can do what Zappy can.

Need some USB Type-C cables to go along with your charger? AUKEY has some of those on sale too at pretty compelling prices. Here are the links and coupon codes.

AUKEY sent all the cables listed above for me to check out in addition to the Zappy and I have no problem recommending them as well. I especially like the braided nylon cables; they are attractive and feel well made and are nice and flexible with no stubborn kinks.

The cables that come in the five pack have the more typical black plastic coating, rather than the braided exterior. They are a bit on the thick and stiff side, but they have a nice snug connection and work just fine. The best part about them is their price – $16 for five USB Type-C cables is a pretty sweet deal.

Remember when you are picking out cables that only the USB-Type C ports on Zappy are QC 3.0 and Nexus rapid charge compatible, so you'll need a USB Type-C to Type-C cable (the first option in the list) to get the best charging speeds. Follow the link below to pick a Zappy up for yourself. Don't forget to apply the coupon code XTWOKDWP at checkout to bring the price down to $40. Questions? You know where to put them.

It has been brought to our attention by Benson Leung that this charger breaks spec in a number of different ways as it utilizes QC technology in the USB Type-C port. While I did not encounter issues while using it with my Nexus 6P, there is the potential that it could be harmful to some devices. If you notice any unusual behavior while charging your gadgets with this device I would recommend returning it and requesting a refund.