We've featured RichFace in our Android Wear roundups quite a few times already, but so far, we haven't had reason to talk about the designer/developer team beyond that. That changes today with the release of their first non-Wear app on the Play Store. It's a Live Wallpaper, so we're still in customization territory, but it's definitely an interesting one.

Smart Wallpapers takes an HD image you have and suggests new ones for you to download every day, but the magic begins beyond choosing a wallpaper. The app lets you select up to 4 indicators to show in the background on top of the image. Some are phone stats (CPU, RAM, battery, storage, WiFi), others are Google Fit stats (steps, calories, distance, various active times), and there are also ones for unread messages and missed calls.

You can customize the position and text color of all indicators, hide them, and show 5-day Google Fit data with a double tap. The app is free, but unfortunately most of the options are behind a $0.99 IAP. If you decide not to pay, you can only display the CPU, RAM, and battery, and you lose the option to upload your own wallpaper and to double tap for 5-day Fit stats.

RichFace says that this is still the first release of the app and you should expect more in the future, like more indicators, a network indicator, indicator colors, and Android Wear support.

Smart  Wallpapers
Smart  Wallpapers
Developer: RichFace
Price: Free+