You know what's better than a Nexus phone? A cheap new Nexus phone. This is what we're here to talk about today. You should be familiar with the Nexus 5X by now. It's the lower-end of the two Nexus phones that were announced last year, but it's still quite a capable device. At launch, the 16GB version was priced at $379, but it has since fallen to $349 and we frequently see price drops here and there. However, it has very rarely gone as low as $229.

But today it is, at least on B&H. The seller is offering the new, unlocked, US variant of the phone for $229.95 as part of its DealZone deals. At the time of writing, there are more than 16 hours to go so you might want to rush and get your order in before it's too late. You get 2 free screen protectors too as part of the deal, and shipping should be free with UPS ground.

Only the white and mint versions of the phone are on sale though, the black one is still at $324.99. I have the mint one — it's my official Android Police testing phone, and I decked it with the Cruzerlite Bugdroid case in teal which looks kickass on it.