So you're not interested in that Nexus 5X deal on B&H and you want something more powerful and maybe less Nexus-y. I'm not going to let you down and I have a deal just for you. A highly rated (99.2% positive feedback on more than 100k ratings) eBay seller is offering the Galaxy S7 for $429.99 now.

There's a catch though. This is a Sprint device originally, but the box has been opened and the S7 has been unlocked to work on GSM carriers. So it's compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile — the LTE bands are mostly a match for both of them. And given the fact that this is an open box item, you might see some blemishes on the device and you might also get a not-so-matching box. The seller says you'll have an original Samsung S7 box, but it might not be the exact same one corresponding to your device (different color, IMEI, etc...).

This is still a new item, though, sold with all of its original new accessories. So if you're not picky about matching boxes and a couple of blemishes, I'd say go for it. Only the black version of the 32GB Galaxy S7 is available at this price, and shipping is free in the US. The seller will ship worldwide too, but it won't be free.