Well, that didn't take long: after reports from many T-Mobile users on Twitter that they were unable to receive their free Domino's pizza on T-Mobile Tuesday because of promotional limits, Domino's has suspended its support of the program indefinitely. The decision is detailed in an internal Domino's memo that, surprisingly, T-Mobile CEO John Legere himself published in an apparent attempt to get out ahead of the news.

Legere has tried to spin the announcement as mere recognition of T-Mobile fans' appetite for free pizza, but really, the moment they put a per-store limit on the number of allowed orders, this was probably doomed. The Domino's memo cites damage to the brand as the reason for ending its participation indefinitely in T-Mobile Tuesdays. For every hundred pleased customers, even a handful of those willing to trash the company on Twitter for not providing the promised pie was likely far too much for Domino's to stand.

Domino's leaves open the possibility that it could return to T-Mobile Tuesdays if a new, doesn't-generate-Domino's-hate free pizza program can be implemented, but the tone of the memo seems to make clear that the company is not happy with how this went down. It wouldn't be surprising to me if franchises themselves were also inundated with calls or in-person visits from angry customers expecting a free pizza, and I think if that's the case, Domino's is probably doing right by its franchisees here, as they're the ones who often have to face the brunt of the consumer outrage in situations like these.