Napster is back, again. The original service peaked and plummeted decades ago, but the name has staying power. It's so recognizable that Rhapsody is changing its name to Napster in an attempt to gain more subscribers.

Can Rhapsody just do that? Yes, it turns out. Rhapsody bought Napster's brand and logos in 2011. The streaming service has already been using the name overseas.

Rhapsody bought the brand from Best Buy, who bought it from Roxio in 2008. Roxio had acquired them in a bankruptcy auction after the Recording Industry Association of America successfully managed to sue the original Napster out of existence. The peer-to-peer file sharing service that became a household name was only around for a couple of years, from 1999 to 2001.

Back to the present. This summer Rhapsody has decided that the US may be ready to give the Napster brand another go. Rhapsody is changing the name of its existing service, but keeping everything else the same. Users will keep their playlists, favorites, albums, and whatever else they're accustomed to. The price will also remain $9.99 a month. You will simply start seeing a cat wearing headphones in your app drawer again.

Napster Music
Napster Music
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