The OnePlus 3 was just announced yesterday with interesting specs and a very decent asking price. If you pre-ordered the phone and were thinking about getting something to protect that precious aluminum body but without adding much weight, thickness, or bulk, then you might be looking for a skin. Fortunately, dbrand didn't waste time releasing its own set of skins for the OnePlus 3.

The customizable skins are available for the back, top and bottom, logo, camera, and front of the phone. dbrand actually did something interesting there by following the OnePlus 3's horizontal black antenna lines on the back to let you choose different skins for the middle, upper, and bottom part. It makes for a striking contrast, especially if you coordinate the extremities with the camera and/or logo. The other cool thing is that every back skin you order will contain two options instead of one: the middle part only (which lets you use a separate top/bottom skin) and the full part which covers the entire device.

dbrand-oneplus-3-1 dbrand-oneplus-3-2 dbrand-oneplus-3-4

If that sounds a little confusing, you can always use dbrand's website to see what each part you order will cover and to make sure the colors and materials you're choosing fit well together and on the phone. All in all, you should expect to pay $20.75 for a full set of dbrand OnePlus 3 skins that includes all 5 parts. Separately, the back is $9.95, the front $4.95, the top/bottom are $3.95, and the camera and logo are $0.95 each. You can place a pre-order now, but shipping won't begin until July 1st.