Android Police and many other sites use Disqus to manage comments, and today the platform is getting a very welcome new feature. Users can now block people they don't want to hear from without bugging moderators. Beware, comment trolls.

2016-06-15 16_16_51-User blocking is now available on Disqus

You can block people in our comments that you find annoying or just because you don't like their face. Simply click the arrow drop down on any comment to find the block option. This works across all sites that use Disqus, not just AP. Unblocking is handled from your Disqus user profile under "blocking." Keep in mind, this only blocks the account for your profile, If you're logged out, you'll still see the comment.


If someone is being outright abusive, you can still flag content. We hope this new feature will make the comments a more pleasant place. If not, the beatings will resume until morale improves.