Telegram v3.10 (they apparently weren't ready for 3.2) just dropped, and with it come a handful of new features. The headliner is message drafting - messages you don't finish simply will linger in your chats list with the red text "Draft" appearing above what you have typed so far. Drafts automatically go to the top of your conversation list, which actually does make sense, since looking at but not sending a message does mean you'd still consider that conversation the most recent one you've interacted with. Full changelog follows.

v. 3.10


- Introducing Drafts: Seamless syncing for unsent messages on all your devices. Drafts are now visible in your chats list.

- New internal video player (Android 4.1 and above).

- Unread messages counter on the 'Scroll to bottom' button.

- View earlier profile pictures in groups.

More about this update:

Now, might some people exactly want the stuff that they're not sure they're going to send to linger in the app? Maybe, maybe not - I could see both sides on this. In a chat app, I'm not exactly dying for a feature that lets me leave messages mid-thought or decision, though I guess I wouldn't mind it, either. Drafts will sync across all of your Telegram devices, too.

Other new features for Android include a new in-app video player - which OK, good stuff - and an unread count that sits on top of the "scroll to bottom" button in conversations.

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You can get Telegram 3.10 on the Play Store now, or at APK Mirror right here.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free