Finding good USB Type-C chargers and cables is still something of a pain, but it's getting better. Today, you can get a good deal on a Nekteck Type-C car charger that is recommended by the one and only Benson Leung. It's usually $15.99, but with a coupon code it can be yours for a mere $9.99.

The Nekteck car charger has a built-in Type-C cable (100cm / 39-inches) that supports 5W/3A charging. That means you'll get fast charging on devices like the Nexus 6P and 5X. There's a standard USB A port on the end of the unit as well (add your own cable). This one maxes out at 2.4A to charge your non-Type-C devices.

2016-06-14 Checkout

It has 4.7 stars on Amazon and Benson Leung says he uses it every day. What more do you want? Oh, a discount. Alright, instead of $15.99, the Nekteck car charger is $9.99 with coupon code R5ICGFEO. It's valid now through June 20th.