Google Fiber is high-speed internet the likes of which most of us can only dream of. For a handful of states, Google's effort to get people online faster is already a reality. Roughly six metros are set to get the experience at some point in the future. Another dozen are being considered, and today Google has announced Dallas as the latest city to make that list.

Austin is one of the six metro areas where Google Fiber is currently live and the first in Texas. Work is currently underway to make San Antonio the second. Dallas is still in the exploratory stage. This means things may or may not work out.

Dallas shares this limbo state with around ten other metros. Take a look at the complete list below. Existing cities appear in blue, upcoming ones are in purple, and potential additions are gray.

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Google is working with local leaders to make the expansion happen. The exploratory process includes observing topography, existing infrastructure, and other factors. Residents can take a look at the checklist to get a better idea of what's impacting their Google Fiber fate.