You may have noticed that if you search for someone you know in the main Google Search app on Android, their name will automatically appear if they're already in your Google Contacts. Those search results might get a bit more useful soon: at least one user spotted some advanced quick shortcuts added to his contacts in the Search bar. As shared on Google+, James Scott Jr. saw links to call, text, or email some of his contacts right there in the search results.

For the sake of comparison, here's what it looks like without those quick shortcuts, which is what most users are seeing at the moment:

search 2

The new functionality doesn't seem to be linked to any specific version of the Google search app or Google Play Services - Google often likes to try out new features for Search with server-side changes that are limited to a small number of users at first. If that's the case, it seems likely that the new shortcut feature will probably roll out to more users soon.