AT&T announced the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active only 4 days ago and now it's ready to start selling it to you online and at its different retail stores. You'll be able to pick it up today in 3 different colors: Camo Green which you see in the image above, Sandy Gold which looks like it's trying way too much to fit in the desert, and Titanium Gray which is the most inconspicuous and traditional of the bunch. As for the price, you can expect to pay $26.50/month for 30 months on an AT&T Next plan or $33.13/month for 24 months on an AT&T Next Every Year plan (read more about AT&T's new plans here). You can also just pay $794.99 upfront and be done with it.

Putting aside the military grade protection and resistance, the Galaxy S7 Active is also a very capable smartphone. It basically packs the same internals as the regular S7, but upgrades the battery to a superb 4000mAh. If the S7 Edge can impress with a 3600mAh battery and a 5.5" screen, I can only wonder how awesome the S7 Active's battery will be when it only has to power a 5.1" screen.

If you're interested in getting a rugged smartphone that can withstand the elements but still handle every task you throw at it, I doubt there are many alternatives on the market. You can start by reading Michael's initial hands-on impressions of the S7 Active and if you're convinced, you can order yours today. If you need more information, Michael says he'll be back with the full review when he's put the phone through its paces.