Google started taking security updates much more seriously last year after the Stage Fright vulnerability hit. Samsung followed suit, and even launched a monthly security bulletin mirroring Google's. Now, LG has a security bulletin site where it will post updates on vulnerabilities. First up, the May security bulletin, the most recent one Google has published.

The security bulletin on LG's site discloses all the issues that affect LG's devices, along with a link to the Google bulletin. They're also grouped by severity. This month, the most severe bug is another media server flaw that can allow remote code execution. There's a section at the bottom of the bulletin for issues specific to LG devices, but there aren't any of those this month.

As for patches, well, that's still a mess. If your LG phone is on the May patch level (most of them aren't), you're protected from all these issues. That process has been sluggish thanks to the development and certification process for carrier devices.