Back in February, Cyanogen Inc. announced the MOD platform, a way for developers to customise the Cyanogen OS experience with deeper-level integration into the framework of the operating system. The update to Cyanogen OS 13.1 - with MOD support included - is now rolling out to the OnePlus One.

Currently, Twitter, Skype, OneNote, Cortana, and Microsoft Hyperlapse hook into the platform and provide features integrated into Cyanogen. Twitter shows trending tweets on your lockscreen; Skype integrates VOIP into the dialer app, along with Skype contacts clearly marked in the phone's contacts app; OneNote integrates with the email and phone apps to enable you to take notes anywhere in the OS; the already-existing Cortana mod takes things further, allowing users to 'take a selfie' hands-free, while also expanding to the lockscreen; and Microsoft Hyperlapse means time lapse videos can be created easily in the camera app, or videos edited in the Gallery app.

13.1_onenote 13.1_skype 13.1_twitter_b

The OneNote (left), Skype (centre), and Twitter (right) Mods

Mods that integrate into apps, such as Skype, Hyperlapse, or OneNote, are automatically enabled. For privacy, lock screen mods need to enabled manually. To do that on Cyanogen OS 13.1, go to Settings, then Lock screen and select 'Lock screen mods.' Tap on one to enable or disable it at your will.


If you have a OnePlus One, check the system menu to see if the update has got to you yet. We believe it's around 396MB. Non-US folks should also know that Cortana is only available in the States for now.

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  • Sathish Guru V and Shalvin Joseph