Some of us like buying our phones brand new, but others don't mind the idea of refurbished. When it's done well, you can save several hundreds of bucks over a flagship device that's still top of its class and capable of handling everything you throw at it. If that sounds convincing to you and you're interested in Samsung's S6 Edge Plus and you're on T-Mobile, then you can't scoff at this eBay deal.

It's a manufacturer-approved refurbished device in excellent working and cosmetic condition. It should only have some minor scratches, but nothing too damaging, and it has passed 65 inspection points. But if that isn't enough, the seller offers 30-day money-back should you return the device. And it's a highly rated seller too.

You get the S6 Edge Plus with its beautiful big Super AMOLED screen, non-removable battery and non-expandable 32GB storage, but its great camera, fingerprint reader, along with a charger and a non-OEM box. What you don't get are Samsung's earphones, manual, and original box. I'm pretty sure you can live without those.

The only limitation really is that the phone is locked to T-Mobile. But that also means that it should have Marshmallow already (as opposed to AT&T - what is taking them so long?). Anyway, the phone is going for $377.88 with free shipping in the US.