Opera already has a handful of browsers in the Play Store, and today you can add one more to the list. The new Opera browser has a focus on news and social media, along with a revamped interface. You can try it right now, but it's only officially available in the US Play Store. We've got the APK below, of course.

The home page of the new Opera browser is a list of suggested articles. At the top is a search box that doubles as the URL field. Okay, nothing too outlandish so far. If you swipe to the right, there's a whole list of news topics with more suggested content. You can subscribe to get these added to the main feed. Interestingly, the home page is always available as a tab that can be accessed by hitting the home button in the bottom toolbar. There's also a built-in reading mode for articles and the option to sign in with Twitter to get more recommendations.

At the core, this is still the Chromium engine that powers other versions of Opera. The company's trademark data compression feature is available as a toggle in the settings as well. Opera is asking for help tracking down bugs, but it seems pretty solid right now. Admittedly, I've only used it for a few minutes so far. If you want to give it a shot and aren't in the US, head over to APK Mirror.

Opera News Lab
Opera News Lab
Developer: Opera
Price: Free