Apple announced a new revenue sharing policy in the App Store earlier today. The company said it would change the subscription revenue split from 70/30 to a more generous 85/15 after those subscriptions have been active for a year or more. We were wondering if Google would follow suit, and it didn't take long. Recode is reporting that Google will be doing just that, but it's actually an even better deal for developers.

Under Google's new deal, developers will also get an 85% share of subscription revenue, but they won't have to wait a year. That's just going to be the default rate. Recode says Google has been testing this arrangement with some larger entertainment partners already. So, this decision is not coming completely out of the blue.

Keep in mind, this is only for subscription content in the Play Store. So, something you buy outright or via a regular one-time in-app purchase isn't going to net developers any more money. This may encourage developers to make more content in apps a subscription, whereas before you'd just pay once. We don't know when this plan will go into effect, and Google hasn't officially commented yet.