Google Play Music's Songza-powered contextual playlists first went live way back in October of 2014, but at the time, it was only in the US and Canada. A larger, international rollout has apparently been on Google's "to-do" list since (the UK did get them shortly after, though), and it appears that in the last few days users in a handful of countries have seen the feature pop up. Right now, we're aware of contextual playlists for Play Music going live in Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and South Africa - but there are quite possibly more countries that should be in the list or will be added soon.

At least one user in Switzerland reported to us that the feature went semi-live for him, but later broke and disappeared. It seems likely, then, that Google is planning a fairly large international rollout of contextual playlists in countries where Play Music is currently available. We've reached out to Google to see if they can provide us a more complete list.

In the meantime: have you noticed Google Play Music contextual playlists have appeared on your device where they were previously unavailable? Let us know where you're at in the comments!

Here are a few other countries you've let us know the feature is live in: Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Romania, and Croatia.

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