E3, the biggest video game trade show on the planet, is ramping up next week. Most of the news will only be relevant for PC and console gamers, but a few of the mega-publishers will be announcing mobile fare too, and Square-Enix is getting ahead of the pack. Along with a new primary entry in its futuristic post-human action series Deus Ex, the publisher has announced Deus Ex GO, a mobile game with similar elements to the existing Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO titles. It'll be available on phones and tablets "this summer" according to the reveal trailer.

The GO games are built from the ground up on mobile, unlike the somewhat underwhelming Deus Ex: The Fall, which aped the third-person action format of the latest console game. Players advance their characters along linear paths in turn-based progression, very much like a board game, but with full 3D graphics and animation. Deus Ex GO will star Adam Jensen, the cybernetically augmented operative from Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the upcoming Mankind Divided.

Presumably the main series' focus on stealth, hacking, and unconventional problem solving will make its way into the mobile game, though it's hard to tell just how with such a short demonstration. Assuming that Deus Ex GO follows in the steps of the Hitman and Tomb Raider franchises, the mobile game will be five bucks or so with some small in-app purchases for extras.

Press Release

MONTREAL - June, 8 2016 – Following its success with the multi award-winning and critically acclaimed Hitman GO® and Lara Croft GO®, Square Enix® Montréal has announced a whole new GO experience coming this summer for phones and tablets: Deus Ex GO™.

Deus Ex GO is a turn-based infiltration puzzle game set in a stylized interpretation of the Deus Ex Universe®. As covert agent Adam Jensen, you’ll use hacking, combat, and augmentations to solve the most challenging puzzles of the entire GO series. Work alongside your allies in TF29 and the Juggernaut Collective as you infiltrate locations to unravel the conspiracy behind a terrorist plot.

“With Deus Ex GO, we really want to take the GO series to another level. Building on the learnings of Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO, our goal is to push the experience a step further in terms of visual treatment and game design in order to bring you a fresh, reimagined puzzle experience that celebrates the franchise.” said Patrick Naud, Head of Studio at Square Enix Montreal.

“Our team has also been hard at work designing a smart, game-changing new feature that will allow you to expand your game experience: the puzzle maker.” Expected to launch a few weeks after the initial release, the puzzle maker will allow you to create challenging levels to share with your friends.