So you're one of the Android faithful, but you're also slightly interested in Apple's hardware? What can you do about that? One Nick Lee from development and design studio Tendigi came up with a solution that is both novel and terrible. It's an iPhone case that runs Android. Yes, really.

Actually installing functional Android on iPhone hardware would be an almost insurmountable task, but mirroring the OS on the iPhone screen is doable. Lee devised a few new Android components that allowed streaming the screen contents from Android to iOS. He tested this concept with a Nexus 5 before building the standalone case. You can check out the Tendigi blog for the full technical details on the Android components.


With the proof of concept done, Lee built the case version from a Lemaker HiKey development board. This device has a Kirin 620 SoC, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of on-board storage. It's sufficient to run Android 6.0.1 without being too huge. Lee was able to 3D print a case for the board and battery with a Lightning cable snaking out the bottom. When plugged into an iPhone, he can launch a custom app that listens for the case. Upon connecting, the hardware in the case streams the full Android experience to the iPhone screen. Steve Jobs is surely spinning in his grave.