Alright, so I get that most of what we cover here on Android Police probably goes straight over the head of an average Joe. Honestly, I don't expect anyone but the most hardcore Android enthusiasts to have ever heard of things like Google Play Services, kernel sources, or unlocked bootloaders. Heck, I'm always more than happy to teach people how to set up Google Photos and backup their digital memories for free or to use a Chromecast to mirror video and audio to a TV. It's my job to know this, and I'm fine with other people having different interests.

But sometimes I think the generalized ignorance has gone a bit too far.

For whatever reason, people are woefully unaware that Android is even a thing. I can't count the number of times I've heard someone proudly state that their phone runs Samsung as opposed to iOS. Even John Chen, the CEO of Blackberry, seems to think their new Blackberry Priv "runs Google."

On last night's episode of Jeopardy, contestants who were otherwise knowledgeable and would have schooled me on almost any other topic were completely at a loss when trying to come up with an answer to which mobile operating system had a version named Marshmallow.

Even if you knew almost nothing about smartphones, you'd at least be able to come up with the name of a couple of mobile operating systems, right? After the first contestant struck out with the default iOS answer, the second contestant seemed to think that the most likely alternative was "eyeos," which I can only assume is the OS that runs on knockoff iPhones from China.

That's right Robert, keep shaking your head in shame.