32GB Nexus 5X. $274.99. Need I say more?

I do, in fact, because this is a blog, and blog posts should have words, and I am going to put some here. The 32GB Nexus 5X is on sale for $274.99, which while not technically the cheapest we've ever seen it, it's damn close, and definitely the cheapest we've seen the North American H790 model without requiring a simultaneous Project Fi signup (where it costs $250). We've spotted the 32GB H791 international version for $249.99 previously, but that phone lacks T-Mobile band 12 support.

This is the proper 'Murican handset with full T-Mobile - and thus, Project Fi - Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T support, AKA the one you want if you're living stateside. Grab it at the link below, in either white or black (sorry, no love for that sweet ice finish today).