WhatsApp users (you and me both), it's time to raise your pitchforks and descend into battle. We've asked time and time again for the messaging service to add GIF support, you've whined in the comments section, we've whined in our private conversations with friends that we're sick of sending them links to GIFs and we just wanted, pretty please, to insert a freaking GIF like God Intended Forrealz inside a conversation and have it display just as any other image or video. But no, we still don't have that. Guess who has it as of today though? Viber.

Gah. I'm infuriated. I'm just outraged at the ignominy of being a WhatsApp user today. Is it that difficult to add GIF support inside an app? And no, don't tell me that WhatsApp can convert GIFs to videos and share them, because that doesn't count. GIFs are GIFs and they're meant to be enjoyed as GIFs.

Anyway, I digress. Viber GIFs work like GIFs are supposed to work. You can either share them from your Gallery to Viber or insert them in Viber when you go to pick up an image. They animate inside the chat window. Just check that puppy above. Don't you want to see him move toward you and raise his paw? I know I do. But I can only send it on Viber and not WhatsApp. Ok, control your rage Rita.

The app also got a couple of other features that are useful too, if you care to know about them. There's manual backup and restore — a feature that WhatsApp has had for as long as I remember, but it's good to see it finally supported on Viber — and money sending through Western Union because... I don't know, I guess that's what people do with messaging apps nowadays.

But who cares? There are GIFs. On Viber and not Whatsapp, I must reiterate.


•Back up and restore messages- Manually save your message history and restore when needed
•Animated GIF- Send, receive and view GIFs in any conversation
•Viber Out calling plans-Access your balance and purchase new credits or special low-rate calling plans
•Send money from the U.S. to virtually anyone in more than 200 countries and territories, powered by Western Union®. Send cash for pickup from a Western Union® agent location worldwide, or send directly to a bank account in nearly 50 countries