Protecting your smartphone is something that can be accomplished through both passive (e.g., waterproofing) and active (e.g., a case) means. But today I want to talk specifically about cases. Smartphone cases have endured over the years among a huge segment of the market, and cases have evolved into distinct subtypes - and oddities, like the pictured HTC Dot View above - to accommodate particular consumer demands.

What I want to know is this: do you use a smartphone case, and what kind?

As a phone reviewer, I don't really have the luxury of cases - I simply use too many phones to go out and buy endless accessories for, though if I did plan on using a smartphone for two years straight, I'd probably at least consider a skin of some kind. What about you? (For the purpose of this poll, screen protectors or tempered glass are not skins / cases.)

Do you use a case or skin with your smartphone?

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