In the admittedly limited field of Android Wear devices, the Huawei Watch is the current stand-out. Between the full circular screen, the all-metal build, the built-in heart rate monitor, and a design that has a high factor of watchiness (a technical term meaning "possessing the quality of a conventional watch"), it's received quite the warm welcome among the Android faithful. The Huawei Watch is also one of the most expensive options out there, but today Best Buy is easing a bit of the sticker shock. 

The handful of different colors, bands, and trim options for the Watch are all being discounted today, from $100 to $150 depending upon which version you buy. The cheapest version is the stainless steel body with a standard leather band, which costs $250 on sale, while the most expensive is the gold version with the metal band and the textured bezel, down from an eye-popping $800 retail price to "just" $650. In between are options for steel body + steel band ($300), steel with steel mesh ($300), steel + steel in black ($350), "rose gold" with white leather ($500), and gold with brown leather ($550).

All of these watches should be available with free shipping at these prices, and at least a few will be offered for quick store pickup (depending on your local store's stock). We don't know how long the sale prices will last, but discounts on Wear devices seem to be pretty common, so don't kick yourself if you can't spare the cash right now.