In the market for some high-end Bluetooth headphones? Amazon has you covered, at least for the next few hours. US shoppers can buy the Parrot Zik noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones for $99.99, which is half off of the current price. There are a couple of caveats, though: at the time of writing only the somewhat gaudy gold-on-white version is on sale, and these are the first-gen design, not the more recent (and much more expensive) second or third generation. David reviewed this version three years ago.

Even so, these are some nice cans. The flat surface of the cups doubles as a touch-sensitive control module, allowing for music and volume adjustment without unsightly buttons. The around-the-ear design is intended for high fidelity music, of course, but dual microphones with bone conduction and active noise cancelling mean that it works quite well for voice calls too. An Android app allows users to set an equalizer and various simulated audio effects.

This is an Amazon Gold Box deal, so it's only available today (Saturday) or until current stock runs out. Also, note that the silver-on-black color option is marked at the $99.99 price in the bar below the header, but it looks like that's an error or it's out of stock from the primary supplier - click on the link and the price is $200. Even the discounted version should be enough to qualify for free shipping, but Prime users can upgrade to expedited shipping for free.