The Galaxy Note series has always been Samsung's chance to try new stuff before bringing it to the flagship Galaxy S line, and there might be a lot of new stuff in this year's Note. OnLeaks claims to have gotten his hands on leaked CAD files for the Galaxy Note 6 (or whatever they call the nest one), and he used them to create some 3D renders. The device has a few interesting things going on, including Samsung's first Type-C port on the bottom.

The switch to Type-C will be a big one for Samsung. It'll mean new chargers and a new version of the gear VR, which is currently microUSB only. The screen in this render, which again is based on leaked blueprints, has a curved edge display like the Galaxy S7 Edge. It's unclear if this will actually come out alongside a regular flat Note 6. The device in the CAD files measures 153.5mm x 73.9mm x 7.9mm, which is a little narrower and thicker than the Note 5. Hopefully that means a big battery.


Also of note (heh) is the plethora of sensor windows on the front panel of this device. Current Samsung phones have one camera window, one light sensor, and one proximity sensor. So, this phone has two extra sensors on the front. The speculation is that Samsung might finally be implementing the long-rumored iris scanning tech in this phone. This is far from a certainty, though. The Note 6 is believed to be coming out in about 2 months.