An interview published on South African site GearBurn today has dropped something of a Nexus news bomb, with a statement from Huawei's head of Consumer Business in South Africa that the company is "doing the Nexus again this year." We reached out to Huawei for comment, but have not received a response.

This, of course, has generated a metric ton of confusion. Here is what we know. First: we have no reason to believe HTC's Nexus phones have been cancelled at this time. That would be Marlin and Sailfish, two HTC Nexuses that we first got wind of six months ago. Speculation that HTC has been dropped in favor of Huawei is just that right now: speculation.

Why exactly this Huawei rep decided to say this today - or what exactly this person knows, and how old the information they have is - are the important questions we can't answer today. It's also possible this person was not referring to a phone at all, but rather another form factor (though, admittedly, the context of the interview at that point seemed to be smartphones).

Again, we are reaching out to the relevant parties to confirm anything we can, but I wouldn't hold my breath on any definitive "yes" or "no" responses from Huawei or Google.