I'm not much of a live wallpaper guy these days, but Maxelus is one of the more popular LWP developers out there, and their newest creation Flatland really does it for me. Flatland has three nature themes: savannah, forest, and flamingos, with 15 preset color palettes that can be applied to each theme. You can also completely customize the colors to match things like your icon set, which is nice.

Screenshot_20160603-141308 Screenshot_20160603-141330 Screenshot_20160603-141437

The animations are simple enough not to be distracting, and as the name implies, the "flatness" of the worlds blends in quite well with Google's current material design language in Android.

Flatland isn't free - it'll cost you $1.95 here in the US - but if you're like me and have just been hoarding your Google Opinion Rewards Play Store credit, this seems like a good opportunity to splurge. Now, the settings portion of the app is kind of janky and, while it runs smooth as butter on my Galaxy S7 edge, it runs much less well on the Nexus 6 I took the screenshots above on. But, you can always get a refund if you have an issue. Anyway, I thought I'd share this wallpaper with you guys on this quiet Friday afternoon. For some reason, it just works for me.

Developer: maxelus.net
Price: $0.99