The Galaxy Note 4 is a little less than two years old now, but Samsung stuffs the Note series so full of high-end technology that it isn't really fair to call it "old." In fact, the Verizon version just got updated to Android Marshmallow earlier this week. The blogging gods must be smiling upon us, because they've offered a serendipitous eBay deal: the same phone, refurbished, for just $204.95. That's approximately five hundred dollars - five and two zeroes - off the original retail price.

There are a few caveats. This Galaxy Note 4 is "seller refurbished," which is basically a nice way of saying "used, but generally respectable." Specifically, the description says that "This is a B+ Stock item, meaning unit is in good cosmetic condition and may have minor scrapes or scratches since it's been handled." There's no mention of a warranty, but the seller offers a 30-day return window (with a pricey restocking fee). If you're worried about the used status, consider this: the Note 4 is one of the last Samsung flagships to use a replaceable battery, so it's possible to swap the most taxed part out for a new one.

This particular seller only ships to the US, but offers free economy shipping, and buyers outside of New Jersey and New York won't have to pay sales taxes. Black and white models are available, faux leather back included. The Verizon version should work on most GSM networks, but its LTE bands aren't meant for anything except Big Red. If you'd like something a little more new in the literal sense, the same phone is available brand new for $350. If you want something newer in the technological sense, the Verizon Note 5 is the same price for a manufacturer refurbished version.