The Huawei Nexus 6P is one of the best smartphones you can buy today. It packs a lot of punch and some high-end specs for a price that isn't as extravagant as the new flagships from Samsung, LG, Sony, or HTC. It's also a little more future-proof than them, with an Android N preview already available and the certainty of getting the N and O updates as soon as they are released by Google.

You may be looking at the price though and thinking that half a grand is still a little too much to pay for a phone, regardless of how badly you want it. So Best Buy is taking a bit off the price of a new 6P — $80 to be exact.

All variants of the Nexus 6P are discounted in all their colors. The 32GB is available in graphite, aluminum, and gold for $419.99. The 64GB is also available in all three colors for $469.99. The 128GB variant only sells in graphite and aluminum and it's going for $569.99.

These are the lowest prices you can currently find on a new Nexus 6P. Amazon has the different models mostly priced $30 more (it's only matching Best Buy's price on the aluminum 64GB and 128GB models right now). The Play Store still has all variants on their original prices, starting at $499 for the 32GB, which is more than you'd pay for the 64GB on Best Buy. Shipping is also free on the latter, so you'll be saving even more by buying it there.

Looks like there are yet more deals to be had!